n° 52-1 Constructions clivées et langues moins étudiées / Cleft constructions across less-studied languagesSommaire


Présentation générale par Enrique L. Palancar and Martine Vanhove

1. Clefts and grammaticalization

Denis Creissels

Remarks on the grammaticalization of identificational clefts

Katharina Hartmann

The grammaticalization of term focus structures in Chadic languages: A case of microvariatio

2. Clefts and other focus constructions

Isabelle Bril & Stavros Skopeteas

The syntax and prosody of focus in Northern Amis (Formosan)

Victoria Khurshudyan & Anaïd Donabédian

Cleft constructions and focus strategies in Modern Armenian

Katharina Haude

Clefting and nominal predication: Two focus-marking constructions in Movima

Enrique L. Palancar

Biclausal vs. monoclausal focus constructions in Tilapa Otomi

3. Corpus-based studies of clefts

Bernard Caron

Clefts in Naija, a Nigerian pidgincreole

Pegah Faghiri & Pollet Samvelian

A corpus-based description of cleft constructions in Persian

Amina Mettouchi

From a corpus-based to a corpus-driven definition of clefts in Kabyle (Berber): Morphosyntax and prosody

Anja Latrouite

Specification predication: Unexpectedness and cleft constructions in Tagalog

4. New aspects of cleft constructions

Robert D. Van Valin, Jr

An unusual cleft construction in Lakhota (Siouan)

Résumés / Abstracts